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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Batley_white, Jul 20, 2018.


How did you vote before And how would you vote now!

  1. Voted Leave

    23 vote(s)
  2. Voted Remain

    19 vote(s)
  3. Would vote Leave in a new poll

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  4. Would vote Remain in a new poll

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  1. Batley_white

    Batley_white Administrator Staff Member

    So where are people standing on the issue now? A Hard No Deal Brexit is starting to look more and more likely as it stands with time running out. Most experts agree this would be a very dangerous outcome for us all round so how did you vote before? If there was another vote next week how would you vote now?

    How do you see it all panning out? General Election, Leadership Challenge or May gets her way?
  2. Jonesy

    Jonesy Dooner Hero

    Wheres the option for i come on here to get away from this shite lol
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  3. Balby White

    Balby White Dooner Legend

  4. Batley_white

    Batley_white Administrator Staff Member

    Mate we need this it’s less depressing than the fucking footballing side lol
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  5. Jonesy

    Jonesy Dooner Hero

    At least the football only goes on for 10 months,years of this bollocks daily lol iys literally ruined Facebook
  6. Junction 59

    Junction 59 Darlo Whites

    Leave x 2
  7. The Future

    The Future Dooner Hero

    I voted leave and would again,the EU is on its arse and is gonna go down the pan,it’s unsustainable,the problem with the EU is it’s full of self serving cunts,the bigger problem is our government are as big a set of self serving cunts.
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  8. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    That Junckers is a right cock. Merkel needs putting down anorl.
  9. dpleeds

    dpleeds Junior Dooner

    Voted to leave like the rest of the majority did and as far as I am concerned those bellend politicianremainers who-can't stomach the fact that they lost should stick their dummies back in their mouths and support the majority
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  10. Fieldsy

    Fieldsy Dooner Hero

    Leave x 2
  11. Eddie's Fat Uncle

    Eddie's Fat Uncle saiz matters

    "In a 52-48 referendum this would be unfinished business by a long way" - Nigel Farage, 17 May 2016 :chin:
  12. RLG

    RLG Dooner Legend

    I don't think it's a majority anymore. We had no idea what we were actually voting for
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  13. Junction 59

    Junction 59 Darlo Whites

    Just like SNP though. Scotland voted No but will end up independent as the SNP will keep going until they do.

    If it was 52-48 to remain of course UKIP would still be after leaving the EU and they probably would have made further in roads once people had a taste for leaving.

    Its a null point.
  14. RLG

    RLG Dooner Legend

    When do we start discussing Russian interference? :bally:
  15. Batley_white

    Batley_white Administrator Staff Member

    Trouble is I think people thought they were voting for a plan and expected there to be a very definite and firm progression. What's actually happened is they have got no where and there is a very real chance this lot are going to end up walking away with no agreement in place and things very up in the air
  16. Eddie's Fat Uncle

    Eddie's Fat Uncle saiz matters

    Scotland have had two referendums in 40 years and a majority voted for independence in the first one.

    It's also a null point to rant and rave about "the majority" when it was such a slender margin of victory. Out of every 50 voters, 26 went one way and 24 the other. When so many people in the centre are expressing doubts about their vote the first time it's a good possibility that the majority aren't even the majority any more. The majority of voters in Leeds voted to remain. Seeing as this is a Leeds United forum that should count for something.

    That's the thing with referendums, though. A close call is always open to challenge. If the voice of the people is so important, the thinking goes, why not listen to it when opinion may have changed? You need a solid victory like Ireland's equal marriage vote (62-38) or abortion vote (66-34) to be able to lay claim to a true "majority" view.
    The SNP aren't actively chasing another referendum because 45-55 was a hefty defeat for party getting 50%+ in elections and it's a wide enough margin to keep it at bay for another decade. If it had been 52-48 it probably would have happened already.
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  17. Leodensian

    Leodensian Pumps iron drives drunk fucks men

    Remain x2
  18. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    What didn’t help was the government that offered us the vote bailed when it didn’t go the way they wanted. I’ll be honest, I’m usually a Tory voter but Cameron showed himself to be a spineless, gutless wanker.
  19. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    You’re not even here lol
  20. hampshirewhite

    hampshirewhite Dooner Legend

    But you left :chin:
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