LUFC Leeds United vs Sheffield United

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fletch, Mar 16, 2019 at 6:02 AM.

  1. Fletch

    Fletch Scum. Sub human scum.

    Been awake since 5 and have now given up on getting back to sleep. Pretty much soiling myself about this one, even though I fancy us.

    I'm saying 2-0. Bamford and Cooper.
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  2. Fieldsy

    Fieldsy Dooner Hero

  3. \(._.)/

    \(._.)/ Junior Dooner

    I'm gonna say... 3-0 Bamford, Klich, Shackleton late sub counter.
  4. Bobby Tupper

    Bobby Tupper Senior Dooner

    Am in holiday, woke up for a piss and this game was all I could think about. Pulse is up. Hoping it’ll be shown in the hotel, if not got a plan B up my sleeve
  5. Bobby Tupper

    Bobby Tupper Senior Dooner

    Anybody know if BEIN sports are showing it? That’s on local telly over here. Been on their site but TV guide doesn’t suggest it is
  6. \(._.)/

    \(._.)/ Junior Dooner

    Bein 1 pal
  7. \(._.)/

    \(._.)/ Junior Dooner

    Bein 1 pal
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  8. Bobby Tupper

    Bobby Tupper Senior Dooner

    Will do some searching. Think they’ve got 11 and another that wasn’t 1, but haven’t scanned all the way through

  9. Fev

    Fev Administrator Staff Member

    morning kids, gonna be pissed by time it comes on here today, already had 4 bottles of kingfisher and theres still 6 hours to kick off, organised a meet up of Goa whites from 5pm local time
  10. Balby White

    Balby White Dooner Legend

    Think it will be tight with them putting 4 past us :(
  11. Stephen Davies

    Stephen Davies Trialist Dooner

    In NZ, Bein are showing it on Xtra
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  12. Ell P

    Ell P Dooner Legend

    Leeds 14-0 Sheff United
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  13. The Future

    The Future Dooner Hero

    In spoons in York,got the nerves going,getting the train at half past
  14. Batley_white

    Batley_white Administrator Staff Member

    Weathers definitely going to play a part today it's fucking horrible, even the dog looked outside and went back to her bed instead of a walk lol

    Think we'll do em nervy 2-1 win c'mon Leeds do it for @Jacko HB pal
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  15. Ell P

    Ell P Dooner Legend

    It is pissing it down. Could suit our passing but they’ll be slipping everywhere and they’ll be getting it in the box at every opportunity.
  16. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

  17. RLG

    RLG Dooner Legend

    There's gonna be a red card today
  18. Fletch

    Fletch Scum. Sub human scum.

    One of their big lumbering centre half/wingers please :pray:
  19. Ell P

    Ell P Dooner Legend

    O’Connell or Cranie. Lunge after struggling to contain the ball on this surface.
  20. Skim

    Skim Senior Dooner

    I hate promotion challenges. Bring back 15th.
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