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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Titman, Sep 17, 2017.

  1. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    Finally got round to watching Interstellar, enjoyed it. Was expecting a twist at the end like Shutter Island or Inception.
  2. Jumbosausage

    Jumbosausage Farnley White

    Just about to watch IT, 2017 version that is.
  3. Smudger

    Smudger Taxi wanker

    Watching negotiator Mrs has never seen it.
  4. Schwantz34

    Schwantz34 Dooner Hero

    Hearing good things about IT.

    Definitely going to see that when I get a chance.
  5. Leeroy Jenkins

    Leeroy Jenkins Junior Dooner

    Wanted to watch Baby driver last night but internet explorer keeps crashing on xbox :mowbray:
  6. Ted

    Ted Trialist Dooner

    Love shutter island.
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  7. stoptap

    stoptap The Prodigal Son

    Is the new Alien film any good ?
  8. badger

    badger Trialist Dooner

    IT was really good, though they shouldn't have CGI'd Pennywise. He was scarier without the videogame 'enhancements'

    Less is more, wish modern horror would get this
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  9. Wyhc-lufc

    Wyhc-lufc Trialist Dooner

    Watched Fargo the film with our Maude who somehow has never seen it. Fucking 1996!!!!
  10. Leodensian

    Leodensian Pumps iron drives drunk fucks men

    Mine too infuriating

    Only started happening recently
  11. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    Trying Underworld Blood Wars...
  12. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    Just ordered Werner Herzogs Nosferatu........interested to see a remake is in the works by the people who made The Witch
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  13. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    Never knew Michael from Prison Break was Underworld lol
  14. Schwantz34

    Schwantz34 Dooner Hero

    Yeah very geeky looking.

    I love the series of films. Not everyone's cuppa though.
  15. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    watched the most recent one and quite enjoyed it so started watching them all again
  16. Ted

    Ted Trialist Dooner

    Haha. Must have watched the first 2 a million times stoned in my youth lol
  17. Ianbaird

    Ianbaird Senior Dooner

    Not too bad,not great
  18. stoptap

    stoptap The Prodigal Son

    This review was brought to you by the colour beige. :)
  19. Ianbaird

    Ianbaird Senior Dooner

    Like the film itself...Barry
  20. badger

    badger Trialist Dooner

    Have you seen the sort-of follow up, Vampires in Venice?

    A 'troubled production' to say the least - Kinski completely out of control, groping the cast whenever he fancied, a proper ego-mad lunatic

    I still quite like it, though - it looks great with loads of atmosphere.
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