Daily Bollox Shitty Sunday

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Titman, Mar 17, 2019 at 9:11 AM.

  1. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    Morning. Not sure what to do today. Sofa + footy or out + beer. I’m torn.
  2. Sid

    Sid Fully Fledged Dooner

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  3. hampshirewhite

    hampshirewhite Dooner Legend

    Got a shit cold, or should I claim manflu:(
  4. pete_lufc

    pete_lufc Senior Dooner

    Think a piss is the first order of the day.
  5. Balby White

    Balby White Dooner Legend

    Work at 2:chair:, gonna walk there and back.
  6. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    Had mine at 4.30. Fucking bladder :chair:
  7. Cloughy

    Cloughy Dooner Hero

    First ride out on the bike today since I had the snip. Fucking hell who turned the wind on.

    Hard work and couldn't go on the drop bars cos it felt like my balls were coming out my mouth.

    Great fun.
  8. The Future

    The Future Dooner Hero

    Fuck me im rough
  9. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

  10. Ell P

    Ell P Dooner Legend

    Two weeks until we're back in 2nd. Lovely.

    Had a long, long kip and slept off the hangover.
  11. Goolewhite

    Goolewhite Senior Dooner

  12. StockportWhite

    StockportWhite Enjoys the smell of a freshly washed tuppence.

    Where do we apply?
  13. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    Ace of Spades or Shine on You Crazy Diamond?

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