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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Titman, Mar 13, 2019.

  1. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    9 games left. 4 home, 4 away.

    Home: Millwall, Wednesday, Wigan, Villa
    Away: Birmingham, Preston, Brentford, Ipswich

    Sheffield United:

    Home: Bristol, Millwall, Forest, Ipswich
    Away: Preston, Birmingham, Hull, Stoke


    Home: QPR, Reading, Wednesday, Blackburn
    Away: Boro, Wigan, Stoke, Villa

    Can we pin this @Batley_white?
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  2. Batley_white

    Batley_white Administrator Staff Member

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  3. Ell P

    Ell P Dooner Legend

    Norwich should be winning the league. Every home game is as close to a banker as you can get except Wednesday. Three potentially four tough aways if Villa sort themselves out, mind.

    Sheff have a tough game after us, then you can't see many more except Forest, aside from the ones we also have.

    Our aways are hard until Ipswich, make no mistake. Be nice now for Brentford to be cut away and keep up their away record. Our homes are dependent on how they do in the next few week.
  4. Eddie's Fat Uncle

    Eddie's Fat Uncle saiz matters

    I keep hearing how bad our record is at Brentford, but we haven't been there with Bielsa before. Just the kind of team we want to be playing against right now. Last thing we need is a team who will park the bus and might get a lead to hold onto.

    As long as we can keep scoring first I have no fear. Kiko gives me a lot more confidence on keeping them out until then, too.
  5. Agree with that. Understanding between Casilla Jansson and Cooper has been immense these past few games.
  6. Jacko

    Jacko Administrator Staff Member

    On paper we have the hardest run in, its football anything can happen.
  7. Jacko

    Jacko Administrator Staff Member

    Cooper been different class this season and it’s not often I’d say that.
  8. Ianbaird

    Ianbaird Senior Dooner

    It’s impossible to tell what’s going to happen....
  9. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    8 wins on the bounce would be nice
  10. Eddie's Fat Uncle

    Eddie's Fat Uncle saiz matters

    Is it an advantage to play first or last over a weekend?
    We play before Sheff Utd once and after them three times. Next two and last two kick-offs at the same time.
    We play before Norwich four times and after them twice. Last two kick-offs at the same time.

    Matchday 39
    Sat, 3.00pm - Leeds U v Millwall
    Sat, 3.00pm - Sheff U v Bristol C
    Sat, 5.30pm - Middlesbrough v Norwich C​
    Matchday 40
    Sat 12.30pm - Norwich C v QPR
    Sat, 3.00pm - Birmingham C v Leeds U
    Sat, 3.00pm - Preston NE v Sheff U​
    Matchday 41
    Tue, 7.45pm - Preston NE v Leeds U
    Wed 7.45pm - Birmingham C v Sheff U
    Wed 7.45pm - Norwich C v Reading​
    Matchday 42
    Sat, 3.00pm - Sheff U v Millwall
    Sat, 5.30pm - Leeds U v Sheff W​
    Sun 12.00pm - Wigan A v Norwich C​
    Matchday 43
    Fri 12.30pm - Sheff U v Forest
    Fri, 3.00pm - Leeds U v Wigan A​
    Fri, 5.30pm - Norwich C v Sheff W​
    Matchday 44
    Mon, 3.00pm - Hull C v Sheff U
    Mon, 3.00pm - Stoke C v Norwich C
    Mon, 5.15pm - Brentford v Leeds U​
    Matchday 45
    Sat, 3.00pm - Leeds U v Villa
    Sat, 3.00pm - Norwich C v Blackburn R
    Sat, 3.00pm - Sheff U v Ipswich T
    Matchday 46
    Sun, 12.30pm - Villa v Norwich C
    Sun, 12.30pm - Ipswich T v Leeds U
    Sun, 12.30pm - Stoke C v Sheff U
  11. Titman

    Titman Sex Toy Tester

    No not really
  12. \(._.)/

    \(._.)/ Junior Dooner

    I'd always rather play before to keep the pressure on.

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